Barcode scanning gun: warehouse essential tools!

Wed Dec 14 18:25:10 CST 2022

Warehouse for many people is not strange, large enterprises, small enterprises, will have their own warehouse management. Inventory, product management is the most commonly used bar code management, bar code now each product must have the "ID card", product outer box bar code label printing is scanned, composed of a complete set of warehouse management system. PDA handheld terminal, is a warehouse management must be used!




1. Receiving and distributing goods


 When receiving goods, the staff use the barcode scanning gun of warehouse logistics to scan the receipt of goods and the barcode on the goods for cross-comparison, so as to confirm the correctness of the received goods and mark the missing goods to avoid overpayment. While receiving the goods, the data can also be synchronously transferred to the inventory system to update the database, so that everyone can get the latest information at any time. When picking up goods, the staff only need to enter the system to find out the correct storage space and shelf number of the goods, and scan the bar code on the shelf to confirm again, so as to reduce the possibility of misplacing inventory in the process of picking up goods.




2. Selection and delivery of goods



When preparing the goods for shipment, the staff can use the barcode scanning gun of warehouse logistics to scan the barcode on the order to confirm the storage location of the goods in the warehouse. Before the goods are selected and sent to the shipment area, the barcode on each package can be scanned again to confirm the confirmation. Meanwhile, the data is sent to the back-end system to automatically update the stock, so as to track and prevent potential errors. The staff in the shipping area can also print the shipping labels remotely at the same time, reconfirm the shipping contents by pasting the labels, and update the inventory system to track the shipping contents.




3. Mobile inventory management



PDA intelligent handheld terminal with wireless network online ability or warehouse logistics with bar code scanning gun, can help warehouse personnel to automatically process orders, data transmission operations and simplify logistics operations to improve the efficiency of work flow. When the business personnel from the office to place an order, PDA smart handheld terminal through the wireless area network data back to the back-end database, so that the warehouse staff in the information can immediately begin to prepare for the shipment process, other business related personnel and directors can also by the hand of the data terminal to understand the status of the inventory, and can continue to track many continuous orders in and out, Up-to-date status of packaging, cartons and pallets.