Barcode scanning gun: a necessary tool for warehouse!

Tue Jun 14 11:06:19 CST 2022

Barcode scanning gun: a necessary tool for warehouse!

Warehouse is no stranger to many people. Large and small enterprises will have their own warehouse management. Barcode management is the most commonly used in inventory and product management. Now, each product must have an "ID card". The barcode label of the outer box of the product is printed and scanned to form a complete warehouse management system. PDA handheld terminal is something that must be used in warehouse management!

1. Goods receiving and distribution

When receiving goods, the staff uses the warehouse logistics to scan the receipt with a barcode scanning gun and cross compare it with the barcode on the goods, so as to confirm the correctness of the received goods and mark the missing goods to avoid overpayment. While receiving goods, the data can also be synchronously transmitted to the inventory system to update the database, so that everyone can get the latest information at any time. When picking up goods, the staff only need to enter the system to find out the correct storage location and shelf number of goods, and scan the barcode on the shelf to confirm again, so as to reduce the possibility of misplacing inventory in the process of picking up goods.

2. Selection and delivery of goods

When preparing to ship goods, the staff can use the warehouse logistics to scan the barcode on the order with the barcode scanning gun to confirm the storage position of goods in the warehouse, scan the barcode on each package again for confirmation before the goods are selected and sent to the shipping area, and transmit the data to the back-end system to automatically update the inventory, so as to track and prevent potential errors. The staff in the shipping area can print the shipping label remotely at the same time, reconfirm the shipping content by pasting the label, and update the inventory system to track the shipping content.

3. Mobile inventory management

PDA intelligent handheld terminal with wireless network online capability or barcode scanning gun for warehouse logistics can help warehouse personnel automatically process orders, data transmission operations and simplify logistics operations to improve workflow efficiency. After the business personnel place orders from the office, the PDA intelligent handheld terminal can transmit the data back to the back-end database through the wireless area network, so that the warehouse staff can immediately start the operation process of preparing for shipment after obtaining the information. Other business related personnel and supervisors can also use the data terminal in hand to understand the inventory status and continuously track the latest status of many incoming and outgoing orders, packaging, cartons and pallets.

4. Warehouse moving operation

Before the goods arrive at the loading area, the staff can download all warehouse moving data and outbound instructions from the wireless access point (AP) server through the wireless local area network (WLAN), and can send the updated inventory status back to the wireless access point (AP) server after all goods are shipped, so that the back-end system can maintain the latest data. PDA intelligent handheld terminal with wireless area network connectivity and barcode scanning gun for warehouse logistics can make the workflow more efficient and smooth, make it easier for staff to track the delivery status of goods, minimize errors, greatly improve work efficiency, reduce personnel expenses and save inventory space.