Bar code scanning and printing equipment

Mon Jun 13 17:19:30 CST 2022

Bar code scanning and printing equipment

Bar code has already penetrated into all links of the retail industry, from production to supply chain and sales. Bar codes exist in every link, and the efficiency becomes faster.With the development of the new retail industry, the barcode and its supporting equipment applied in different scenarios have also been carefully differentiated.

Barcode scanning equipment is generally divided into handheld, desktop, embedded and so on. Among them, handheld scanning equipment is the most common and widely used one.

Bar code scanning gun and handheld data collector

Compared with other types, handheld scanning devices are more flexible and can be used in any scene. In the new retail industry, handheld scanning equipment can be used in commodity warehousing, inventory, cashier and other links. However, handheld scanning equipment is also divided into bar code scanning gun and handheld data collector. When selecting, users can select different products according to their own needs.

First, both can read barcode information. However, the function of data collector is more powerful than scanning gun. It can not only read bar code information, but also process information. The data collector is equipped with an operating system and can be networked. It also has a certain memory space. It can temporarily store and process the read barcode information and transmit it to the computer at an appropriate time. The bar code scanning gun is usually wired to the computer, or the application of Bluetooth devices to instantly transmit information to the computer, which is limited in the transmission distance. Generally speaking, the advantage of the data collector is obviously higher than that of the bar code scanner in the links of goods warehousing and inventory, while the simple cashier can use the bar code scanner.

In general, all scenarios using bar code scanning guns can be replaced by data collectors.

Desktop scanning equipment and embedded scanning equipment

Desktop scanning devices and embedded scanning devices have limited flexibility compared with handheld scanning devices. It is commonly used in the cash register in the retail industry. Most desktop bar code scanning equipment support image scanning. Among them, embedded scanning devices are widely used in new retail self-service checkout, unmanned retail stores, smart stores and other scenarios.

First, embedded scanning devices can be embedded in a self service cash register, which integrates bar code scanning, two-dimensional code scanning, and directly transfers data to the cash register system, seamlessly joining POS, Alipay, WeChat and other payment methods. Realize the integration of data acquisition, transmission and code scanning payment.

Second, the embedded scanning equipment can also be embedded in the intelligent scale, which plays a role in fresh retail with the intelligent weighing system. At present, the intelligent scale products of many companies in the market integrate weighing, cashier and printing bills, which not only greatly improves the operation efficiency of stores, but also brings customers a more efficient shopping experience.