Bar code scanner how to set up, to achieve the best results?

Tue Feb 07 17:20:00 CST 2023

Why the scanning effect of the scanner just bought is not good, the quality of the scanner is not good, or the fault of the scanner. Let me tell you the bar code scanner Settings, how to achieve the best scanning effect, improve work efficiency, a total of seven points, as follows:


1. Determine the appropriate scanning mode


Bar code scanner can scan images, text and photos, different scanning objects have their own scanning methods. Open the driver interface of bar code scanner, we find that the program provides three scanning options, among which the "black and white" mode is suitable for the original manuscript in black and white or OCR recognition; "Gray" is applicable to both pictures and text mixed typeset manuscript samples, scanning this type of text and with multiple gray levels of the picture; "Photo" is suitable for scanning color photos, which requires multi-level sampling and storage of three channels: red, green and blue. Before scanning, we must first select an appropriate scanning mode according to the object to be scanned, so that it is possible to obtain a higher scanning effect.


2, optimize the barcode scanning gun resolution


The higher the scanning resolution is, the clearer the image will be. However, considering that if the resolution of the output device is exceeded, the clearer the image can not be printed out. It only takes up more disk space and has no practical value. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate scanning resolution. Large images can be scaled down after scanning. For example, if we scan a 4 by 4 inch image at 600dpi and reduce it to 2 by 2 inches in the assembly program, its resolution is 1200dpi.


3. Set the file size


No matter the scanned object is text, image or photo, through the barcode scanner output is an image, and the size of the image size is directly related to the size of the file capacity, so we should set the size of the file size when scanning. Usually, bar code scanners can automatically calculate the file size when previewing the original sample, but knowing how the file size is calculated will help you make appropriate choices when managing scanned files and determining scan resolution. The formula for calculating binary image files is: horizontal size × vertical size ×[2(scan resolution)/8]. The formula for calculating color image files is: horizontal size × vertical size ×[2(scan resolution)/3].


4. Set scanning parameters


Bar code scanner in pre-scanning images, are scanned in accordance with the system default scanning parameter values, for different scanning objects and different scanning methods, the effect may be different. Therefore, in order to obtain higher image scanning quality, parameters can be adjusted manually. For example, when the brightness of gray scale and color images is too bright or too dark, the brightness can be changed by dragging the slider on the brightness slider. If the brightness is too high, the image will look white; Too low and it's too dark. You should drag the brightness slider so that the image is just right. For other parameters, we can follow the same adjustment method to make local changes until we are satisfied with the visual effect. In short, a good scanned image should be as far as possible without using image processing software to make more adjustments, can meet the print output, and the closest to print quality.


5. Store curves and load scanning software


Sometimes, in order to get the best color and scan contrast, we do a low resolution scan first, open it in Photoshop, and use Photoshop's curve feature to make color and contrast improvements. Store the curve and load it back into the scanning software, your barcode scanner will now use this color correction curve to build better high-resolution files. If you scan several images with a similar gamut, you can use the same curves, and you can also store curves frequently and load them back as needed.


6. Place the scanning object according to the desired effect


In the actual use of the image process, we sometimes hope to be able to obtain the oblique effect of the image, we have a lot of designers are often through the bar code scanner image input into the computer, and then use professional image software to rotate, so that the image to achieve rotation effect, but do not know, this process is a waste of time, according to the rotation Angle size, The quality of the image will go down. If we know in advance how the image will be placed on the page, using a protractor and the bottom edge of the manuscript to place the manuscript at a precise Angle on the roller and the platform, we can get the highest quality image without having to rotate it in the image processing software.


7. Find the best scanning area on the glass plate


In order to obtain the best image scanning quality, we can find the best scanning area of the bar code scanner, and then the need to scan the object placed here, in order to obtain the best, the most fidelity image effect. The specific steps are as follows: first, set all the controls of the bar code scanner to automatic or default, select all areas, and then scan a blank, white or opaque block in low resolution; It is then opened using Photoshop, the professional image manipulation software, and manipulated using the Equalize menu item in the software, we can see where cracks, streaks, and black spots appear on the bar code scanner. We can print this file and cut out the best area (i.e. the most stable area) to help us place the image.