Bar code scanner, easy to solve enterprise data processing problems 2022

Tue Jun 14 11:08:24 CST 2022

Bar code scanner, easy to solve enterprise data processing problems 2022

What is a barcode scanner

Bar code scanner refers to a portable and handheld device with multiple functions such as positioning, telephone, calculation, communication, storage, network, data acquisition, photography and Bluetooth. It is widely used in industrial scenes and has the characteristics of anti-interference, high protection, durability, durability and anti-interference designed for industrial sites. As a fast handheld data processing equipment, in addition to some basic performance, bar code scanner usually integrates functions closely related to information processing, such as bar code reading, bar code reading, bar code scanning, data acquisition, two-dimensional code scanning, two-dimensional code reading, so as to meet the needs of data acquisition, data processing and data query in various industries and complete data integrated management, Lay the foundation for the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Function introduction of bar code scanner

Based on the increasingly refined requirements of all walks of life, bar code scanners also began to integrate more and more functions to meet the diversified needs of users. These functions are also the main considerations in the selection of bar code scanner. Common functions of barcode scanner are as follows:

1. Fingerprint acquisition: the barcode scanner integrating the fingerprint acquisition module can be used in industries with high security requirements, such as immigration inspection, social insurance, public security, etc.

2. Identification: in view of the identification needs of some special industries, such as high-speed railway ticket checking, entry-exit inspection, etc., some bar code scanners are also equipped with ID card modules, which can carry out convenient and fast identity authentication.

3. Barcode scanning: barcode scanning is one of the important functions of barcode scanner. It not only supports reading mainstream one-dimensional / two-dimensional codes, but also some bad barcodes, including damaged, greasy, wrinkled, curled, cracked, metal DPM, bubble bag, frosting, high density and other barcodes.

4. GPS: the bar code scanner with GPS function can locate and track the personnel, materials and equipment in the working scene in real time, which is convenient for personnel management and material monitoring.

5. RFID reading: the barcode scanner with integrated RFID reading and writing function can read RFID tags that store more data than barcodes in large quantities in a contactless way, so as to improve the barcode reading efficiency. It is suitable for working scenarios that require high-frequency barcode reading. At the same time, it also supports the write function to facilitate the modification and adjustment of label content at any time.