Application scenario of handheld barcode scanner

Fri Jan 06 11:31:53 CST 2023

With the development of modernization and rapid progress in science and technology, all industries are pursuing efficiency and management. Barcode scanning gun is increasingly widely used in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail and other industries. It not only improves the management efficiency of enterprises or shops, but also makes the overall experience better.

So what are the specific applications of the scanner gun?

1. Logistics and express industry

Logistics bar code is a special code used to identify specific objects in the field of logistics in the supply chain. It is the shared data of the whole supply chain process, including manufacturers, distribution industry, transportation industry, consumers and other links. It runs through the whole trade process, in the whole process of scanning gun as a bar code collection, transmission of the important role, improve the economic benefits of the whole logistics system.

2. Commodity sales industry

Commodity bar codes include retail goods, non-retail goods, logistics units, location codes and barcode identification. Our country adopts internationally common commodity code and bar code identification system, promotes the application of commodity bar code, and establishes commodity identification system.

The barcode of commodities for sale, logistics unit, location, barcode identification and other commodity barcode, in the sale, distribution, transportation, storage need to use the scanning gun to read, transmit and process the corresponding barcode.

3. Library management

Book bar code in the library management of two major functions.

Search function. Bar code technology is an automatic identification technology, compared with other search ways, the use of bar code search is the most convenient and accurate, because it can be scanned into the computer more quickly and accurately than manual input, in all levels of library management, whether it is the circulation of books, book query, reader management, inventory library, bar code search as the best search point.

Management function. Bar code once input can be used repeatedly, with convenient use, accurate retrieval and other advantages, low cost and time saving, labor saving, avoid the traditional manual management library such as fill in the book bag card, for book borrowing and returning procedures such as complex, broken lock, low efficiency and easy to make mistakes and so on such problems. Therefore, the use of bar code has become an integral part of the library automation management.

4. Other industries

In addition to the above mentioned industry application scenarios, scanning gun also includes many different application scenarios. The relationship between bar code and scanning gun is shadow-accompanying, as long as there is a bar code scene, scanning gun can be applied. For example, clothing industry, pharmaceutical industry, payment industry, automated production and so on.