Application and development of barcode technology in China

Tue Jun 14 09:16:57 CST 2022

China article coding center joined the international article coding center in 1991, and the bar code work in China began to develop in an all-round way. "To promote industrialization with informatization, give priority to the development of information industry, and widely apply information technology in economic and social fields.". The popularization and application of bar code technology, as one of the important basic work of China's information development, has been listed in the outline of the tenth five year plan. This fully shows that in today's world economic integration and after China's accession to the WTO, the promotion and application of barcode plays an important role in China's economic construction. After 2004, the R & D and production of barcode scanner has entered a period of rapid development. From 2004 to 2010, it is in the period of 1D barcode development. In 2010, with the development of smart phones, 2D barcode scanner has entered a new period of rapid development. Zhongze technology, founded in 2004, is a professional bar code scanner manufacturer with the development of bar code industry in China. We will research and develop the scanning equipment required by the market as usual