Application advantages and recognition solutions of industrial barcode scanner

Tue Jun 14 09:49:18 CST 2022

The application of intelligent recognition technology has been very popular, which is reflected in the scene of code scanning payment, code scanning order, code scanning express delivery, access control scanning in and out, and the industrial production line is no exception. In order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the production line, the barcode scanner is applied to the production line. The application advantage of the industrial barcode scanner mainly lies in the high efficiency and high accuracy, reducing the error rate . Industrial bar code scanner is mainly used to scan the bar code information on the pipeline, judge the pipeline state through identification and decoding, and then control the switch to realize the automatic operation of the pipeline.

What are the advantages of industrial bar code scanner? 
Scan code to detect product correctness and error

1. Scan code to detect product error
When the product on the assembly line passes through the industrial assembly line scanner, the scanner can not automatically identify or compare the information on the product, the scanner display is bright red, and the product that cannot be detected by the laser sensor is automatically removed from the assembly line; if the situation occurs more than three times in a row, the scanner system will start the alarm sound in addition to automatic operation The scanner connector can record the error time and barcode of the product.
2. Scan code to check the correctness of products
When running on the assembly line, the product is automatically scanned for identification information when it passes through the code scanner of the industrial assembly line, and the comparison is correct. When it is correct, the code scanner display screen displays green, and the code scanner connector can record the correct time and barcode of the product.