A high performance back clip Bluetooth barcode scanner with perfect connection with smart phone

Tue Jun 14 15:50:46 CST 2022

Mobile information data acquisition back clip is also known as mobile Bluetooth back clip, multi-function back clip and data acquisition back clip. It is generally applicable to express logistics, warehouse management, factory management, medical management, sales management, government administration and other industries to help enterprises improve mobile service efficiency and reduce scale cost. In other words, mobile phone / tablet + detachable multi-function back clip = data acquisition terminal (PDA). Bluetooth back clip can replace data acquisition device at low cost when it is used. So why is the multifunctional Bluetooth back clip that can be combined with smart phones and tablets so different?

  First of all, the function of Bluetooth back clip can be customized freely (RFID reading, barcode scanning, etc.) according to the needs of enterprises, with flexible selection and low maintenance and upgrading cost.

In the early stage, enterprises can flexibly choose the data acquisition function modules that the mobile phone, tablet and back clip need, such as various barcode and RFID identification functions. It is only necessary to upgrade the mobile phone and tablet or replace the battery of the back clip. After the new battery is replaced, it is the latest PDA. It can not only enjoy the rapid performance update convenience of the mobile phone / tablet at low cost, but also do not need to purchase the mobile data acquisition back clip repeatedly at additional cost. If you follow the two-year renewal policy of operators, not only mobile phones and tablets can be renewed free of charge, but also the whole portable combined PDA can be upgraded free of charge without paying any fees.

Secondly, reduce the input cost of government enterprise industry informatization, save the cost (30 ~ 50%).

The biggest advantage of the introduction of mobile data collection function is to reduce the investment cost of government enterprises in the introduction of mobile informatization, which is conducive to the real-time collection of mobile basic information and accelerate the promotion and popularization of mobile informatization.

In addition, the back clip of mobile data collection function can help enterprises to work in real time and efficiently, and improve customer satisfaction. Through the deployment of the data collection back clip, the front-line staff can easily carry out data collection and information sharing and exchange cooperation at any time and any place. All the collected data can be automatically entered into the mobile phone client in real time and stored in the back-end data server through 4G network in real time, which can easily realize paperless operation, whole process control and real-time update, and significantly improve the quality of staff Work efficiency and customer satisfaction.