2D barcode scan module to achieve library self scanning lending solution

Tue Jun 14 08:57:49 CST 2022

In order to provide efficient information management service, the natural science stack room and social science stack room of a university library skillfully installed fixed 2D barcode scan module and Embedded Mobile 2D scanner in the book self-service management equipment, which seamlessly connected with the book archives data management system, making the book archives storage, borrowing, return, storage and storage easy The information function of search and inventory management and other supporting services is more personalized, intelligent and humanized, which solves the problem that readers can not borrow books because they forget to bring campus cards.

Many users of self-service equipment integrators want to know why the QR code scan module and embedded barcode reader are used in the solution of book self-service management equipment code scanning and borrowing. This article is the introduction of this.

As we all know, there are hundreds of thousands to millions of books in general collections, such as university libraries, community libraries and public libraries. For many years, problems such as book borrowing and returning management, inventory, search, random shelf book sorting and so on, have plagued the library management and staff. Every day, a large number of people enter the library to read and learn, and the library managers need to manage people's books borrowing and returning. The work is complex and complicated, and the access is time-consuming and laborious. The flow of books borrowing and returning brings great pressure to the registration and management of books borrowing and returning.

On the basis of fully understanding the business needs of self-service management of books。

Dongguan Zhongze technology provides a solution for self-service management of books by scanning and borrowing codes. It introduces the 2D scanning module, embedded 2D barcode reader and other scanning hardware into the library archives data management system, and uses the scanning module to read the 2d barcode of mobile phone to verify the identity of readers, It can effectively reduce the occurrence of fake borrowing and reduce the error rate; At the same time, the barcode on the books to be borrowed or returned is scanned in the effective area of the scanner equipment, which not only improves the work efficiency of book borrowing and returning, but also facilitates the readers.

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