details of using bar code scanner

Tue Jun 14 11:53:28 CST 2022

details of using bar code scanner

what should we pay attention to when using bar code scanner

01 do not disassemble the barcode scanner at will

Bar code scanner is a kind of exquisite equipment. It needs an internal photoelectric conversion device to convert analog signals into digital signals, and then send them to the computer. The position requirements of each optical component in this photoelectric conversion setting are very high. If we disassemble the scanner without authorization, we will accidentally change the position of these optical components, which will affect the scanning and imaging work of the scanner. Therefore, in case of scanner failure, do not disassemble and repair without authorization, and be sure to send it to the manufacturer or the designated maintenance station; In addition, when transporting the scanner, be sure to lock the safety lock on the back of the scanner to avoid changing the position of optical accessories, and try to avoid vibration or inclination to the scanner.

02 protect the optical imaging components of the bar code scanner

The optical imaging part is an important part of the barcode scanner. It is normal for the optical part to fall a trace of dust after working for a long time. However, if the scanner is used for a long time without paying attention to maintenance, the dust on the optical part will accumulate more and more, which will greatly reduce the working performance of the scanner, such as reflective lenses The dust on the lens will seriously reduce the image quality, appear spots or weaken the image contrast. In addition, in the process of use, it is inevitable that your hand touches the glass plate and leaves fingerprints on the plate. These fingerprints will also weaken the reflected light, thus affecting the scanning quality of the picture. Therefore, we should clean it regularly. When cleaning, wipe the dust of the shell with a soft fine cloth, and then carefully clean it with detergent and water. Then we clean the glass plate. Because the cleanness of the panel is directly related to the scanning quality of the image, when cleaning the panel, we first wipe it with glass cleaner, and then wipe it dry with a soft dry cloth. After use, be sure to cover the barcode scanner with a dust cover to prevent more dust from invading.

03 correctly install the barcode scanner

Bar code scanner is not as easy to install as ordinary computer peripherals. The installation method of scanner is different according to its interface. If the interface of the scanner is USB, you should first check whether the USB device works normally in the "system properties" dialog box of the computer, then install the driver of the scanner, restart the computer, connect the scanner with the USB connection, and then the computer will automatically detect the new hardware, You can then complete the rest of the operations according to the screen prompts. If the scanner is of parallel port type, you must enter the BIOS setting before installation, change the parallel port mode to EPP in the I / O device configuration option, then connect the barcode scanner and install the driver.

04 eliminate the noise of bar code scanner

After long-term operation of the barcode scanner, some noise may occur during operation. If the noise is too loud, you should remove the machine cover, find some sewing oil to drop on the toilet paper, wipe the oil dirt on the two tracks of the mirror group, then drop the sewing oil on the drive gear group and the bearings at both ends of the belt (pay attention to the moderate amount of oil), and finally properly adjust the tightness of the belt.

05 correctly place the scanning object of the bar code scanner

In the process of actually using images, we sometimes hope to obtain oblique images. Many designers often input the images into the computer through the scanner, and then use professional image software to rotate the images to achieve the rotation effect. However, this process is a waste of time. According to the rotation angle, The quality of the image will decline. If we know how the image is placed on the page in advance, we can use the protractor and the bottom edge of the original to place the original on the roller and platform at an accurate angle, and we will get the highest quality image without rotating in the image processing software.