Common problems and Countermeasures of WMS application

Tue Jul 19 13:58:24 CST 2022

The warehouse management system (WMS) adopts wireless real-time processing technology to standardize the management and operation personnel to complete the operation, and control and manage all links of logistics from receiving to delivery, so as to improve the productivity and logistics efficiency of enterprises and improve the quality of customer service. At the same time, the application software meeting the special needs of users is customized through the system parameters that can be configured by users provided by the warehouse management software system WMS.

The following are the common problems and Countermeasures of manufacturing industry in warehouses and assembly lines:

1. Suppliers and delivery drivers complain about the large, and the warehouse keeper in the receiving area is slow, sometimes eating, taking, card and asking for food.

Countermeasures: all arriving drivers queue up at the designated unloading place, scan the delivery note in the inspection waiting area at the first time, and the system automatically tracks the arrival time. According to the arrival of the system, the warehouse keeper judges whether the defective parts of the assembly line or the manufacturing department are in the arrived vehicles at the first time, and gives the warehouse keeper priority unloading instructions to arrange unloading Provide a green channel for quality inspection. On the one hand, it can solve the problem of shortage of products in the assembly line. On the other hand, it can effectively restrict and supervise various internal processes of the enterprise. In case of abnormal unloading, the WMS system will notify the superior leaders through SMS.

2. The warehouse keeper in the receiving area and the quality inspector argue and prevaricate on the material documents to be inspected upon arrival.

Countermeasures: now, for each arrival note that needs to be inspected, the quality inspector is required to scan and receive, generate the goods receiving time from the system, and start counting the inspection time. If the inspection is not timely, the problem will be exposed.

3. The warehouse keeper and the delivery clerk have three unclear handover, "unclear quantity, unclear time and unclear responsibility".

Countermeasures: the problem of sense of responsibility has always been a thorny problem faced by the management. The leaders of the material department are often troubled by the handover problems of the warehouse keeper's picking, preparation and the handover of materials in the buffer zone and the distribution personnel. The three unclear problems of quantity, time and responsibility are solved through the barcode scanning and handover of picking list.

4. The handover between the delivery personnel and the manufacturing and assembly stations is not clear, and they are tangled in quantity and time.

Countermeasures: the station leader often complains about the distribution of materials in the leaders of the manufacturing department and the assembly department, and often deliberately prolongs overtime, shutdown and other activities on the pretext of lack of materials. As for the leaders of the production department, they often don't know what the reason is, and lack the legal basis for further assessment. Through the effective interface between WMS and MES, WMS can also reflect the material handover time, handover quantity and whether there are missing parts in WMS.